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Aelan Mama’s Cuisine is an online restaurant platform linking the local women chefs to the local community of Port Vila. Aelan Mama’s Cuisine received in May 2021 the support of Spotlight Initiative from UNDP to train 11 local women chefs and develop the present virtual restaurant. The virtual restaurant proposes a range of menu developed with the women that could be ordered online, prepare by the local women chefs and then deliver to the customers. The initiative also received the support of the Canada Funds for Local Initiative with the building of a dark kitchen at the ACTIV Centre proposing an access to a fully equipped professional kitchen to the local women chefs. The kitchen was completed end of March 2022.

You can discover the menu of the virtual restaurant at the Aelan Mama’s Cuisine.


Local Dish


Vt150 inc. VAT
Vt650 inc. VAT